Business Plan

What Is The Business Plan Of SkAdverts?

SkAdverts Have a unique business plan where we help our customers to change their life and reachout to their goals. Now a days every person have 3 main problems in their life. 1. Want To Buy Latest Products, 2. They Have Low Monthly Income, 3. They Have no Saving Plans FOR THESE 3 MAIN PROBLEMS SKADVERTS BUILD UNIQUE BUSINESS MODULE WHICH HELPS EVERY ONE IN SORTING OUT THESE 3 MAIN PROBLEMS.


SkAdverts Launch Unique Market place where you Apply for Any Product You Need. And Through Lucky Draw you will must Get your Product. Lucky Draw will help you get the product you need in Easiest way and lowest monthly plan. FOR MORE DETAIL CLICK HERE

Here you can apply for any product you need on Easy installment. This unique Marketplace help you in get any product in lowest installment plan + every month lucky draw allows you to get free all your remain installment. For example you need iPhoneX its monthly installment is 4500, You pay every month 4500 every month and your name will also added to free lucky draw if your name drawn all remain dues will clear.

Income Plan

Our Income Plan is perfect and 100% secure. If you have Extra money in your wallet put it into your SkAdverts Wallet, by doing this in return u get upto 160%. For Example if you have 20,000 in your wallet in return you will get upto 32000 which you can withdraw immediatly.

When you add your extra money in SkAdverts wallet its distribute to our installment plan and the profit which calculate distributed as 50% to saving plan and 50% to income plan. 

Here You can Start with lowest as 6000.

Saving Plan

SkAdverts Launch Saving plan for Students and those People who have low income sources. And they want to save some money for their need which will important for them in coming future. Saving Plan start from 500 Weekly with upto 200% Return in 12 Months.

Saving Plan is one the most awesome Feature of SkAdverts. Here you add every week 500. For regular 12 months if you pay you will get upto 200% return which you can withdraw immediatly. For example if you pay 24000 in 12 months in return you will get upto 48000.

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